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Bennett Springs State Park


tl;dr: I visited Bennett Springs State Park, helped turtles cross the road, and ate peanut butter and crackers.

During my stay in Lebanon, I ate at Dowd's Catfish and BBQ (awesome good catfish and BBQ beans), The J's Family Dining (Truck Stop) several times (wicked biscuits and gravy), Great Wall chinese buffet (I almost ate too much), McDonalds and Subway (because they were handy), and on my final morning I decided to give Waffle House another try. Seriously, the brain does not remember pain. I should have gone back to the Truck Stop. At best, Waffle House can be considered emergency food, as in oh boy I haven't eaten in days and suddenly I find a Waffle House.

My bicycle is making strange ticking noises, but only when not going up hill, and the ticking stops if I apply the rear brake.

I came to a hill so steep I decided to just walk my bike up it.

I visited Bennett Springs State Park, where there indeed is a giant spring. And trout. Lots and lots of trout. There is also an unbelievable number of RV parks in orbit. I guess trout fisherman like RVs.

As I was leaving Bennett Spring State Park, I saw several resort-ish places to eat. I decided to skip them, for certainly Highway 65 would offer more than a better-than-average chance of getting run over, and I'd find a good burger or something. But it turns out I am in the land of failed business ventures.

I ate a late lunch of crackers and peanut butter on the steps of a country church.

There are a lot of turtles attempting to cross the road. I stop and help them.

My tire's back axle was loose. The nut holding it was ready to fall off. After tightening that up the annoying clicking stopped.

The afternoon was spent on back roads that alternated between pavement and gravel.

This is also the land of cows and horses. And chickens. I suspect these cows and horses have never seen a bicycle before. Sometimes I can scare them pretty well.

On one back road a dog came out to chase me. Then two more from the same house joined in. Four dogs from the next house joined the fray, and two dogs from the house after that (with an onlooking golden retriever). Fortunately these dogs stopped at the edges of their territory.

Google Maps believes in me. I often query it for directions, and it has a bicycle map mode. It consistently predicts my voyage time to be about half of what it ends up being. So, even though Google Maps assured me I could cycle to Bolivar, find something to eat, and still have time to find a place to camp, I instead find myself camping under a bridge twelve miles short of Bolivar. I had enough daylight to peddle for another hour, but I could tell that potential camping sites were well protected by dog-wielding property owners after this point. I've camped under bridges before. They are handy.

I never did find a restaurant or store. I am eating crackers and peanut butter for dinner.

Discount Groceries & Good Used Furniture

calf with a plastic bottle

so many RV parks

water snake

Bennett Spring

Bennett Spring

fish hatchery

lots of trout


more RVs

another failed business

yard turkey

pack of dogs

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