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Hello Arkansas


tl;dr: Past Branson, through Table Rock State Park and into Arkansas.

Some kid in some yuppie mansion threw a party last night. The speakers his parents bought him were impressive, though. Thump, thump, thump. The tempo, and occasionally the melody, changed throughout the night, but the sound never let up until around 4 AM.

This morning's back roads were less congested than yesterday's. Some of the roads even avoided unnecessary climbs. Although all seemed to climb upwards. I was following a lot of creeks up valleys, so that makes sense.

If Missouri has taught me anything, it is that having cows in my backyard does not make me special.

There was a dead tarantula on the road, but it was a little too dead to take a picture.

I peddled into Reeds Spring looking for a restaurant that Google Maps lied to me about, so I continued in to Branson West where the only thing open was a McDonald's.

It was my intention to stop in Branson for the week, but something about this place rubbed me the wrong way. The next hotel was forty miles down the road. Tired as I was I decided to go for it. Google Maps predicted it would take four hours. It took seven. Am I in ridiculously bad shape, or is Missouri just that tough?

I cut through Table Rock State Park and then stayed on Highway 65 all the way to Harrison, Arkansas. Highway 65 has some wicked climbs. And the wind was against me the whole way. And I'm sunburned and utterly exhausted.

At least I haven't found any ticks. Yet.

good morning ponies

bluffs over the James River

failed community

just an elephant here

Branson MO

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake

Welcome To Arkansas

Cricket Creek

Highway 65

good night Harrison AR

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