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10 Liters


tl;dr: It's starting to get hot. Or I'm a wimp. Saw lots of deer. Drank lots of water.

I think the heat is in my head. By noon it was 86 degrees, which shouldn't be that bad. But I was struggling. All of the prickly pear cactus does not help me to imagine it's not hot.

By 2:30 it was 95 degrees, and I found myself sharing the underside of a juniper with a bunch of tiny ants that I desperately hoped were not fire ants. It was simply too hot for me to continue. I guess I'm not acclimated, yet.

I hit the road again around 5:30. Speaking of road, pigs and skunks are dominating the road kill counts today.

This part of Texas seems to have more sheep and goats than cows.

About 7 PM the deer started coming out. Dozens and dozens of them. Before stopping for the night I bet I saw over a hundred. None of these deer knew what to make of me except OMG WHAT IS THAT RUN RUN RUN. Some of these deer properly panicked upon seeing me.

I filled my water bottles at a church. In Texas, the longer you let spigot water run, the warmer it gets.

I biked until after sunset before I found a rare stretch of not fenced land and made camp.

Deciding I had better start counting how much water I drink so I will know how much to lug along farther west, I began a tally. Today I drank 10 liters (one of those liters was soda). That's over two-and-a-half gallons.

prickly pear country

how to not destroy a road

folks in texas love to hang heads on fences

Texas bluebonnet

shade under the junipers with ants

listen for gunshots



run run run run run run

sheep dog

horse dog

some river

good night Texas

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