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Dust Devils


tl;dr: I crossed a long, hot stretch of desert surrounded by dust devils and not much else. It was rough.

I left the Marfa Lights Viewing Center as soon as there was enough daylight to see. This part of the country is at a pretty high elevation (4000 feet or more), but so far that hadn't affected temperature. This morning it was cold enough that I donned extra layers. That wouldn't last.

Once in Marfa, I found a guy sitting on a bench and asked where I could find some breakfast. He waved his arms, "ah english I don't know." Then I found some cowboys huddled around a truck. They eyed me up and down and directed me to Mondoos, on the edge of town. I passed quite a few closed restaurants, so I'm pretty sure I got the best food in town, by process of elimination, but the coffee was pretty bad.

From Marfa I followed Highway 90 across thirty-some miles of not-even-interesting desert to the town of Valentine, a speed bump. This town must have once been lively, but it is now almost a ghost town. I was able to find a water hose at the only existing business I saw, a Family Dentistry. Valentine sits half way between Marfa and Van Horn. After a brief rest and lunch I hit the road again.

The second half was pretty rough. That one hour of sleep last night started to catch up with me. It was hot, dry, with a headwind. Dust devils sprung up almost continuously in the distance, and sometimes one would blow across the road near me. Whenever a large dust devil came within a few hundred yards, the winds got choppy and pushed me all over the road.

Eventually I could see Van Horn, even though it was over ten miles away. That's my biggest problem with this area. Things that are far away should look far away, but they don't. I can see a curve in the road or the next town over an hour before I get to it. When tired and thirsty, it's very disheartening. It's hard to believe folks used to do this jaunt on horses.

Though Van Horn was so close, I found myself stopping more and more for breaks as I found slivers of shade. Then my extra-thick rear tube ripped its valve stem. Why did I let that guy talk me into buying these tubes!? I have never not ripped the valve stem on one of these thick tubes. So I stopped in a not-at-all shaded patch of dirt to swap tubes.

The last mile into Van Horn was the worst. I was utterly exhausted. I had water left, but it was hot like tea. I was feeling chills and was probably on the verge of heat stroke. I am such a wimp. Van Horn is on the interstate, so I pulled into a truck stop and ordered myself a high-sugar, high-sodium meal. It was nearly twenty minutes before I had the strength to eat it.

I still had a few hours of daylight, and had originally planed on heading west from here. Obviously, that was no longer happening. If Van Horn has anything it has cheap motels. A lot of them. A whole lot. I picked one, and before long I was passed out.

pronghorn antelope

no services


seventy miles of this

tethered aerostat radar site


HiWay Cafe

tourists at Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa

power meter behind Prada Marfa

dust devil crossing road

multiple dust devils

watch for blowing dust

this dust devil almost hit me

Van Horn is almost ten miles away

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