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tl;dr: I'm now in Arizona, but have to spend the week in a hotel.

Man alive it gets cold at 7500 feet in March. Between the cold and the timezones I was awake by 2 AM. I don't care for driving at night, but at least the Watch For Elk signs were helpful. Every other sign had a herd of elk behind it. I drove an hour and descended 5000 feet to someplace warmer where I stopped until it got light out. I then drove into Phoenix.

It's a good thing I was too exhausted to finish my drive down to Phoenix the night before. Apparently there was some sort of car race, and every single hotel in the city was booked up. This lead to no open rooms until the afternoon. I hate wasting time in a city. I attempted to get some work done until my laptop battery died.

I'd rather not stop here, but alas I haven't been fired from my job, yet, and so I have to hole up and work. Fun times must be put on hold.

good morning Arizona

fuzzy elk

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