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Into the desert


tl;dr: I have finally left Phoenix on my bicycle. Off into agriculture I go! And cows. Oh, and some desert.

My week in Phoenix was stressful. My hotel neighbors were a happy family of hispanic insomniatic television watchers. One of them had a cough. The three hour time difference played havoc with my work schedule, because I'm used to having several hours of getting stuff done before people start calling me. Tuesday afternoon when I was driving my bike back from a trail (because the roads around the hotel are too busy) my van suddenly started belching smoke. At first I thought it was the brakes locking up (because they've done that before), but I'm now confident it was the air conditioning dying, as that was the first time I've used it all winter. I'm sure I won't need that when I return here in a few months, especially considering that my driver side window doesn't really open.

Wednesday I put the van into storage.

Today I finally left Phoenix on my bicycle! In the rain! And cold! How is that even possible? And when I finally pushed out of the city's gravity well, one of my tires sprung a leak. I stopped to fix it in the sand and dirt only to find a perfectly serviceable park a quarter mile later.

Phoenix is surrounded by agriculture and milk cows (which are packed together by the thousands in lots). Apparently these two things can justify the high cost of pumping water out of the ground, whereas beef cows no longer can.

After the agriculture and cows is desert. I like the desert. There's nobody else there. That goes on until the Gila River, where agriculture (and milk cows) dominate the landscape again. Where I had the option, I peddled dirt roads. Eventually I ended up on Old Highway 80, which parallels highway 85, and so has very little traffic.

I peddled until well after sunset and found a secluded spot to camp. Off above a nearby mountain floated two orange lights. They were bright enough to illuminate the surrounding clouds. I didn't think much of it, but when I looked back later they were gone. I wish I had taken a picture.

putting the van in storage

leaving Phoenix in the rain

first flat tire

lots and lots of cows

Sonoran Desert


setting up camp in the dark

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