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Border Town


tl;dr: From Yuma I entered California and sand dunes where I had to bicycle on I8. I ended the day in Calixico.

Monday: I have no strength, no energy, no motivation. Whose stupid idea was this?

Tuesday: Strength is returning.

Wednesday: I might actually sleep through the night without ibuprofen.

Thursday: Time to hit the road again.

My route today was very boring. I started off on rough roads with RVs randomly parked in temporarily or permanent places. At some point I passed into California. There was a stretch that could only be traveled on Interstate 8, but signs seemed to indicate that bicycles were prohibited, even on the shoulder. Even so, I peddled along the edge until a Rest Area, where an elderly Mexican offered me a bunch of water. I continued on into the sand dunes, but I became stressed out, because who knows anymore what officer Serve-And-Protect might serve me with, so I pushed my bike under a fence and rode alongside the All-American Canal for a few miles. A few sandy, sandy miles. And by rode, I mean sometimes push.

After that I was able to navigate normal highways with decent shoulders. The rest of my trek was uneventful unless you count waving at the Border Patrol as events. (I always try to wave, although I suspect they aren't looking for people as out of shape as myself.) Because I would find sunset in the border town of Calexico, and because I didn't want to be harassed by Border Patrol, I rented a motel room for the night. Calexico was not what I expected. I biked through a mile or two of nice houses with nicer cars and manicured lawns. Folks were outside just doing stuff (soccer). Everybody seemed friendly. The hotel was mostly as I expected: Run by Indians with a broken air conditioner and uncomfortable bed.

I walked down to the border crossing. There were piles of people, and many stores selling clothing and trinkets. I could not find a nice place to eat, so I settled for Jack-In-The-Box. While waiting for my order, today's too-hard push caught up with me. But I've gotten good at handling glycogen depletion. Just wait out the chills and temptation to collapse. After a few minutes and some sugary food, the body bounces back.

I probably shouldn't have drank so much soda. I hope I sleep well in this hot room.

hotel dove is watching you

Colorado River

attack chopper

Center of the World Plaza, Felicity California

rest area on I8


bicycles prohibited

ATVs in Royla Dunes Park

along the All-American Canal

Border Patrol searching for tracks in sand

these yards are green

broken air conditioner

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