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Los Padres National Forest


tl;dr: My bike didn't get fixed. But I am continuing on into the mountains of Los Padres National Forest.

Let me tell you about Bill's Bike Shop. They represent everything I dislike about snobby bicycle shop owners. Apparently, they do not work on Alfine hubs. They would not be able to open it up to make sure everything was still working, or even lubricate it, even though I was made to understand differently over the phone. When I explained the problem, the guy (Bill?) was stuck on how not lubricated my chain was (which I knew about, because in typical bicycle industry fashion, the lubrication I had purchased was sensitive to air pressure changes and by the time I had climbed and descended several mountains it was squeezed uselessly all throughout my tool bag), as if the chain was only going to make noises in 5th gear. He also didn't ask about other leading noise makers such as loose spokes or bad peddle bearings. He certainly didn't warn me about hub nut torque or the cables sticking. He was just hung up on my chain. He obviously didn't believe anything I was telling him. I've peddled this bike for over 4000 miles now. Something is not right, and that something is not the chain. Anyway, I recommend skipping Bill's Bike Shop unless you have chain issues.

There were no other shops in the area who could look at my bike, so I spent more time reading forums about the hub. Something is wrong. Perhaps the axle is slightly bent, or a gear is failing (5th gear is one of my favorites). I read that tightening the hub too much can also cause issues. It has probably loosened somewhat since I ratcheted it down a few days ago, so that may explain why the 5th gear grinding isn't as bad as it was. But it hasn't gone away. Oh well. Hopefully the hub will not fail me in the middle of nowhere, because that is where I am going.

I am so tired of busy highways. I have decided that I will go inland to see the Carrizo Plain National Monument. How bad could that be? Let me see. Here's a fortune cookie that I haven't opened yet. "You are heading in the right direction." Good enough.

I biked through farmland until I made my way into Los Padres National Forest on Highway 33. There were a lot of peacocks along this route. Also, trees. From this point on, I'm bike up.

The traffic here is much lighter. At one point I filled my water bottles at a popular spring.

About an hour before dark I stopped to consult my map. I might be able to make it over the mountain pass before sunset. A half hour before sunset I wasn't sure. Just before sunset I stopped in a very small valley beside the road. I suspected it was going to get cold, so I set up my tent for the first time in a while. I usually mix up some lemon drink at night. But, today I had swiped a lemon. So I ate that instead. It took a while.

This place is very crittery.

where cheap strawberries com from

lemon trees

The Ojai Valley

up I go

Los Padres National Forest

narrow tunnel

spring water

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