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King City


tl;dr: I traveled up Freeway 101 from San Miguel to King City.

My sleeping bag was laid out in the grass a hundred yards from a noisy intersection. The trees above me were constantly lit up by passing and turning cars. The wind blowing most of the night caused the trees to squeal and creak. And I slept well. I must be exhausted.

I've had no coffee since Thursday. Need coffee.

Look, more grape vines.

I achieved coffee at the Mission Market & Deli in San Miguel. After that was a slog north on or beside Freeway 101. The freeway allows for bicycles here, and it has a wide-enough shoulder, but the shoulder is buckled like mad. So all opportunities to get off onto side roads are taken, even if they add a few miles. The route follows the Salinas River. This river actually has flowing water.

I made it to King City by early afternoon. King City is primarily hispanic, and it has a lot of auto parts stores.

San Miguel across the Salinas River

Salinas River

difference between south side and north side

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