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Roast the Eagles


tl;dr: I biked into Valentine. More broken spokes. Lots of hay.

After setting up my camp, a car drove by on the two sandy ruts that I wasn't expecting any traffic on. I was shielded by grass, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't seen. As it was getting dark, a truck came by in the same direction. Later another truck sneaked up while I was reading. I heard some sort of yell or something from the vehicle, so maybe they saw my light, but they kept on driving. Sigh. I packed up camp and moved a hundred yards to a sandy bowl that was much better shielded from the road. If anybody were to actually come back to check on me, at least I'd have warning. Moving camp in the dark, I picked up dozens of sand burs. I'll be picking these things out of my stuff for days.

Another broken spoke.

I came across a road kill beaver. That was unexpected.

I biked the twenty miles into Valentine. I rejoined the Cowboy Trail for the last few miles so I could take the big bridge over the Niobrara River.

After eating breakfast at the busy Bunkhouse Restaurant, I checked into a hotel. Another broken spoke. Tomorrow, I should have a new batch of spokes waiting for me at the Post Office. I plan to lace the entire tire again.

good morning Nebraska

round bales

sand hills

crossing the Niobrara River

Niobrara River

serious about raking hay


Cherry Street Nursery

broken spokes

hauling round bales

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