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tl;dr: Highway days are boring. I ended up in Miahuatlan where I found a parade.

You know what's great? Having brakes on my bicycle again.

I left Oaxaca with a wrong turn and a short stop at Walmart.

For much of the day, Highway 175 south out from Oaxaca to Miahuatlan had a decent shoulder, although that shoulder was often used by taxis and motorcycles and slow-driving trucks. I lost that shoulder after Ejutla de Crespo when the road turned into winding hills. This stretch was challenging because on any straight-away oncoming traffic would be full of taxis attempting to pass trucks. In one case I was all the way to the right, and a taxi driver was still waving at me to get out of the way. Where was I to go?

Highway days are kind of boring. This area is still arid and cool, and I would have liked to camp, but it is also heavily populated. I decided I'd find a hotel in Miahuatlan. When I arrived in town I ended up in the rear of a small parade. I took side streets and raced around to the front. Look, video:

The Hotel Juan Manuel was cheap and comfortable enough for me. Interestingly, none of the hotels I've stayed in on this side of the mountains have had air conditioners. Just fans. And that hasn't been a problem.

Why would somebody even have a car alarm in Mexico? There is always somebody too close to your car.

I found an ATM because I was too impatient to wait for the casa de cambios to open back in Oaxaca. In addition to the credit card fee, I also was hit with two different ATM fees and it appears I donated to some sort of charity.


driving on the shoulder isn't just for bicycles

I kept pace with these guys for a kilometer or two

colorful hardware store


that's not water for sale


parade in Miahuatlan

Hotel Juan Manuel

room for 150 pesos

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