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Grand Island


tl;dr: I made my way to Grand Island and kept going.

I slept pretty well until 1 AM when a truck suddenly stopped on the road by my tent. A guy got out with a flashlight. I thought for sure I'd been made, although I don't know why anybody would care where I was. But he proceeded to back the truck into the ramp and stop less than 20 yards from my tent. Had the truck backed up another two or three feet I would have been in plain sight because of the moon light. The truck sat there for 30 minutes with lights off and engine running before leaving. This area is literally a grid of 1 mile by 1 mile roads stretching for miles and miles in every direction, yet this guy parked right here and never even noticed me. What are the chances?

I stopped in Grand Island to do laundry. I always wondered about the name of this place, but after biking through many small towns it seems each is an island among the fields. This morning in Benedict I saw squirrels, and I wondered how they even got there. This city is just a grander island.

I considered getting a hotel, because the constant wind has really tired me out, but I couldn't find any deals, and I'm almost to the point where I sleep better outside than in. So I kept going and found a place to sleep in yet another cornfield. I stopped early.

good morning Nebraska

heading into Benedict

cow yard

crossing the Platte again

grass fire along Highway 30

funny cars on display in north Grand Island

never stopped me before

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