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Kebler Pass


tl;dr: Went over Kebler Pass in the snow. And mud.

Man alive is my throat sore. The hostel dorms aren't really to be used for anything other than sleeping, so everybody hangs out in the communal area. I talked more in the last 24 hours than the last 24 days combined. Many of the people here have technical backgrounds and are very knowledgeable on any number of subjects. One of my roommates is an older guy who lived in Soviet Romania and was a chemical engineer for a big company. He now hikes all over various countries and writes about philosophy in his notebooks. There was a guy who works in Silicon Valley. Another guy who produced movies. Many are like me in that they quit their last job and are on an adventure before starting something new.

The hostel was full due to a festival in town, so I had no choice but to venture into the snow and make my way over Kebler Pass. It turns out another guy in the hostel, John, was making the same trek. This was John's first solo bike tour, and his setup is about as primitive as my first tour. We played leap-frog all up and down the pass.

At first I thought the weather was turning nice, and was even stripping layers. But as I got near the pass the snow blew harder and colder. Layers back on! Most (but not all) of the road to the pass was paved. There were crazy numbers of cars and trucks driving this route, but because it was obvious most were tourists, I didn't feel bad about making them wait to pass me.

Once over Kebler Pass the pavement turned to mud. Fortunately it wasn't peanut butter, but it was a slimy splattering mess all the same. My derailleur would only work in high gears and would barely shift. It wasn't too long before my brakes were mostly useless. and traffic got heavier if anything.

It was worth it, though. The aspens on this route are just incredible. Look, pictures.

By the time we made our way down to Highway 133, both John's bike and mine were barely functioning. But in the town of Somerset, I spotted a guy hosing off something (I'm not even sure, actually) and asked if he could hose down my bike. Lee was a tall guy wearing a fuzzy Russian hat with ear covers dropping past his shoulders, a long t-shirt, and maybe underwear. I so wanted to take a picture, but it didn't feel right to ask. He proceeded to hose my bike thoroughly<\i> while explaining the long chain of events involving his truck, a friend, a snowmobile and a pawn shop that led to his eventual loss of said truck, and that's why he hasn't visited the mountains in years. John arrived and had to wait impatiently until Lee started hosing off his bike while offering John clothes and shoes and socks while explaining how he ended up with hundreds of bags of Salvation Army clothes. John actually ended up with new shoes and some sweat pants. I let Lee tell us more stories about taking care of his neighbor"s house while John champed at the bit to continue on. Lee didn't want anything for all his help, so I felt it was only proper to let him tell us stories as he clearly enjoyed doing so.

After that I could change gears, but my brakes are still gone. I'll have to fix those tomorrow.

John decided he wanted to tag along with me, because he said it was lonely on the road. Poor guy. This isn't the life for people that get lonely. I have imagined how awkward it would.be to set pace with another cyclist. I imagined correctly.

I told John: "Here is what is going to happen. We're going to bike through all of this open land all day long. But as soon as it is time to find a camping spot there will be nothing but one house after another." And of course I was correct. After biking all day through the glorious Colorado wilderness, we end up camping in a gravel pit beside the highway.

Just as I was thinking about falling asleep I hear singing. From a distance it sounded like chanting. I sure hope that is John.

Just as you walk into the local grocery store. They know their demographic.

the Crested Butte International Lodge and Hostel

leaving Crested Butte in the snow

This is John.

It is starting to get a little slimey.

Kebler Pass

down the other side

I probably should have cleaned my lense before taking this picture.

I've picked up a little mud.

These guys intend to bike up to where we rode down from using their road bikes. I predict failure.

This is me, and I am dirty.

finally down to a warmer elevation

two rivers coming together

This whole area is dedicated to coal mining.

cleaning our bikes at Lee's place in Somerset

good night gravel pit

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