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Natural Bridges National Monument


tl;dr: I visited Natural Bridges National Monument and made my way to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

I packed up camp very early so I could sit at the Natural Bridges visitor center and charge batteries until the sun came up. A maintenance worker showed up early, and we chatted for a while. It turns out the entire facility is powered by solar.

Maybe it was because the sun wasn't quite up, but the natural bridges are kind of hard to see even when you are looking right at them. Try to find the bridges in the labeled pictures. I wish I had the shoes and the time to hike down below the bridges.

I left Natural Bridges National Monument and headed toward Hite. It was mostly down a long canyon with a tail wind. Even so, it was grueling. I can't believe people prefer to do this ride in the middle of the summer.

My rear tire started leaking and wouldn't self seal, so I patched it. Another sliver of metal. The patch didn't hold so I patched it again. I suck at patching so I replaced the tube.

Some parts of Utah are pretty remote. I don't think I saw a completely private residence today. Even in Hite the houses seemed to be more like temporary assignments for workers. Hite had a store that was out of every kind of soda I wanted to drink with a broken soda machine in the front, and it closed at 3 PM, minutes after I arrived. I rested up some at the ranger station across the road, which was also closed but had picnic tables and water.

After all of the gliding into Glen Canyon, now I get to climb out. I didn't make it very far before the sun started setting and I got lazy and camped.

It is too easy to take too many pictures in Utah.

02 1841 good enough place to camp -- hope it doesn't rain

Sipapu Bridge

good morning Natural Bridges National Monument

All of this red is because of the rain falling.

Can you find Horsecollar Ruin?

Horsecollar Ruin is all the way down there.

This arch is six inches high.

Kachina Bridge

Owachomo Bridge

Owachomo Bridge again

love fixing flats in the desert

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

another canyon

heading into Hite

the Colorado River

the Colorado River

Dirty Devil River

the sun is setting on this canyon

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