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Waipoua Forest


tl;dr: I visited Waipoua Forest and saw Tane Mahuta.

I slept well again. I think it helps that I'm able to peddle for more hours each day. I had been told it would rain during the night, but it never did. I did sprinkle a little as I was hitting the road. I was later told a storm was predicted, but I was dry all day. I'm starting to think New Zealand weather is unpredictable.

As I head north from Dargaville, there is almost no traffic. That is nice.

It is spring time here. I see a lot of birds with half-grown chicks following them around.

I biked through Waipoua Forest. Despite road signs, I saw no kiwi birds. Some locals I talked to blamed it on all the cats and dogs that people let run loose. I did see Tane Mahuta, the fourth largest tree in the world. It is a big tree. You are not allowed to get close to the tree or even touch the soil due to the park trying to protect all the remaining kuari trees from an imported disease.

Say one thing about New Zealand, say it is not flat. Other than that small flat stretch around Dargaville, every road is either going up or it is going down, often very much so. I know I'm climbing when I'm in my lowest gear and hauling back on the handlebars to hold myself in place. I did that several times today for long stretches. Fortunately, none of these mountains are very tall, so I don't despair like I did climbing in Utah.

I met several other bicycle tourists today: an older couple from England on a 5 month loop, a guy from Scotland on a week loop, and another guy I just waved to in passing but his greeting sounded European-something.

This bull was not happy with me:

I've noticed that New Zealand doesn't use much ketchup. I ordered a "burger and chips" and I received a little tiny dab of catchup in a bowl.

I stopped at the Globetrekker Lodge, a hostel in Omapere. They don't have laundry machines, but the gas station down the street does for the low low price of $4 wash and $4 dry. I realize all these crazy prices are in New Zealand dollars, but even after conversion that's still really expensive.

So far I am enjoying New Zealand.

starting off in the rain

Every culvert has a number and every bridge a name.

You can see the ocean from here.

beware of kiwis

Some things here are just odd.

entering Waipoua Forest

small waterfall in Waipoua Forest

This couple is from England.

a big kauri tree

pair of kauri trees

This is a rat trap.

The jungle here is thick.

Tane Mahuta, the fourth largest tree in the world.

looking down on Omapere

expensive laundry

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