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Rawhiti Cave


tl;dr: I visited Rawhiti Cave and little else.

I again left the campground long before sunrise. Because.

The hike up to Rawhiti Cave is strenuous, but it didn't take the hour that the signpost claimed it would. However, it seems that I may have pushed myself a little too hard yesterday. My muscles all feel fine, but my poor ankles! I guess months of bicycling doesn't prepare your ankles and feet for hiking. Ouch.

I drove back to Richmond and managed to purchase a replacement battery charger for my camera. I also visited some thrift shops because I wanted a travel mug and a thick blanket. Both were hard to find. In America, thrift shops always have an abundance of travel mugs. Here, between two stores, I managed to find one. I think that's a fitting commentary on the difference between our cultures.

I drove to Mount Rogers where I had planned a loop hike, but I just couldn't muster up the energy required. And then it started raining. So I found a hostel in St Armaud. I had considered camping, but was too lazy. I'm glad I didn't camp, because in the afternoon it got COLD, and I still haven't found that thick blanket I need.

good morning New Zealand

Dry Creek

inside Rawhiti Cave

Rawhiti Cave

bad panorama of Rawhiti Cave

outside Rawhiti Cave

Only tourists would ever find this fruit stand.

not a travel mug in sight

driving in the rain



Lake Rotoiti

This german kid is trying to catch an eel.

And he did.

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